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Apple Upgrades iCal to 2.0.3 with Mac OS X 10.4.6 Release

The new iCal brings advanced calendar printing options, use Spotlight to search all your events and to-do lists, automatically create a birthday calendar from your AddressBook, grouping of associated calendars together, get more out of iCal with Automator actions, and much much more!

Welcome to iCal World®. We have created iCal World to help you, the Macintosh user, take full advantage of the power of Apple's revolutionary iCal application. iCal World offers news, tips, help and iCal applications. Our vast calendar library has hundreds of calendars in dozens of categories organized by US State, Canadian Province and Country, for our international users.

Thank you and enjoy!
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Pearl Jam Tour
Includes supporting act and venue. All shows are listed as all day events, but I will add times as soon as that info becomes available.
by Patrick Jungers
French Movie Releases
Tous les nouveaux films en France ! - All the new movie releases in France!
by Stefan de Vries
Nature Study Network
Listing of natural history happenings in the South Carolina Piedmont, and beyond.
by Bill Hilton Jr.
Broom Street Theater Schedule
Audition and performance schedule for Broom Street Theater in Madison, WI.
by Aaron Anderson
Holistic Health in Central Ohio
Events and classes about holistic health in the Central Ohio area (Columbus, Dayton, etc.). Holistic health includes acupuncture, energy work, reflexology and many other practices.
by Daryl Kulak
PCB Technology Courses
Technical courses in circuit board technology.
by DMG Engineering
Utah Braves School Schedule
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Important dates and undergraduate 'week numbers'.
by Andy Waite
Oakland A's regular season schedule
by mjones
NCAA Men Basketball

PGA Tour
Calendar includes Tournament, location and TV network that is covering the event.
by Barry Maggert

NBA Basketball
NFL Football
NHL Hockey
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College Football
Auto Racing
Extreme Sports
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Get your listings and times with Sherlock.
French Movie Releases
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Tori Amos
Jimmy Buffett

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Neil Diamond

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Kenny Loggins
Peter Gabriel
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Film Festivals

Apple Calendars

User Groups
Arizona MUG

Gateway MUG
by Alex Thorpe
Purdue MUG.
by Matt Willmore
Philadelphia PowerBook UG
Club Macintosh de Québec
San Diego MUG
Trade Shows
Macworld, DV Expo, etc.

Editorial: iSync - Whom You Know, iCal - Where You Go, Apple - Way to GO!!
By Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus
"Imagine you are in my Address Book. You change jobs and move to another city. I update Address Book with your new information. The next time I run iSync, your old address and phone numbers will be replaced with your new ones automatically, on my phone, my iPod and my PowerBook. If that's not cool, I don't know what is." OSX FAQ
REVIEW: PC Magazine reviews iCal
"Apple takes the standard calendar application into new and useful territory."
REVIEW: PC Magazine reviews iSync
"iSync is an ideal tool for the modern mobile worker."
Apple Updates iCal to version1.0.2
Passes 1 Million iCal Downloads and 200.000 published calendars. Speed improvements, bug fixes, and improved support for importing vCal and Entourage data.

The Apple press release 1/2/03.
Apple's discussion boards

iCal Applications

PHP iCalendar
A php-based iCal file parser.
Put iCal at your fingertips. Click on the clock in the menubar and a calendar with all of your iCal events and ToDos are revealed below.
View all your iCal calendars in a new and different way with even-t. It is very well done and definitely worth a look. Screenshot
This enables iCal users to add any selected text as an event in a new calendar called "CalendarCreator".
Sync between Lotus Notes, Apple iCal, and Apple Address Book!
Project 24
This site enables iCal users to subscribe to dynamically generated daily weather, holiday, and fortune cookie calendars.
The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile
Missing Sync for Windows Mobile is the only product that integrates your Windows Mobile handheld with iTunes™ and iPhoto™, as well as synchronizes calendar items, to do items and contacts with the iCal and Address Book applications.
BurnoutMenu lets you track items in multiple categories at a glance. Just one click lets you see what you need to do and how important it is.
Share your appointments in Windows Outlook 2000 or Outlook XP with an Ipod or iCal.
Sends SMS messages, forwards iCal reminders to cell phones.
Transfers calendar events from Entourage X to iCal
Combine multiple iCal calendars into one file.
Birthday Shifter
Moves your birthdays from Address Book to iCal.
iCal Calling iTunes!
An AppleScript applet lets you use iCal to schedule iTunes Playlists to play.

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Note: Double check your calendars! Nobody's perfect, so don't be surprised if you find a calendar with a mistake or two.

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