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IcalWorld is a site dedicated to collect the best ideas, styles, and objects that will help you to design, change or decorate your home.

We publish articles to provide inspiration and information about topics such as various home design styles, outdoor decorations, DIY decorations, tips and ideas about storage and organization and commercially available stylish accessories and furniture.

Who is this site for?

This website is for those in love with colours, shapes and materials, and those who enjoy being organized and at the same time value beauty and harmony in their home. And also for those who are keen on decorating whenever a new season, a special holiday or a party should come.

What do we want?

We love getting inspired, collecting pictures, exploring the latest home design trends or the most popular and beautiful accessories and furniture. We can’t stop thinking about how we could make our own home more comfortable and organized and we are always focussed on the next project to complete.

Our aim is to provide as many ideas and as much help as possible so that people could create a home they are always happy to return to.

Feel free to have a look around.

Juny 2019